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Ah yes... the highly coveted 5-star review.  The trophy for any company, product, or service provider.  The symbol which others seek, hope, and dream they'll see when they see the name of an entity they've fallen in love with.  We agree, and have a brand NEW Google business page and need your help!  That's why we would absolutely LOVE it if you would submit a 5-star review for us.  In the real estate world, life is super busy and people are in the middle of some major transition with moving trucks, rescheduling school, making sure the pets made it to the moving truck, and.... well... you get the idea, so while they had an awesome experience, life got busy... really busy.  Soooo... if Shaun has served you at some point in your life journey, and you feel you've benefited from it, how about a 5-star review?  Maybe Shaun has:

  • Served by providing home purchase information or guidance
  • Served by providing home selling information or guidance
  • Served by providing web data for finding homes (like on this website)
  • Served by discussing transaction strategies for a major win
  • Served by consulting about home inspections in relation to your sale/purchase
  • How about helped with negotiations
  • And then there's market updates to know where your home fit into the equation
  • Maybe helped you with open house notifications
  • It could be that you've benefited from his tips and knowledge posted on social media
  • What about consulted you on preparing your home to net the most from your sale
  • And those wicked multiple offer situations that he wins... has he served you relating to those?
  • Okay... the list goes on and on, and the number of people Shaun serves seems to be endless whether it ends up posted online or not.  Maybe Shaun served you by power-washing your concrete to boost your home's curb appeal to get you that record-setting "per sq.ft. price for the community", coordinated all the subcontractors to get your home 100% for the listing, or maybe he just helped your family in a way that had nothing at all to do with real estate because he does that stuff.   All.  The.  Time.  He goes the extra mile.

So, here's your chance... no matter how big or small... help others through your review, and know that Shaun appreciates it more than you know.

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