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No matter if you're already a resident of the area looking for a new place to call home, or if you've just heard of this place called "30A" and are trying to learn what it's all about, if you've landed here that means part of that learning is about the local real estate.  You're either curious about what homes on 30A are like including their styles, sizes, prices, amenities, lot sizes, and other home features, or your train may already be rolling down the tracks and you're READY to see some homes.... now!  No matter if someone's local to an area or new to the area, learning what's available in the real estate market serves great purpose.  A local homeowner may have owned single home for a long time and is not aware of the new trends in homes today, or a home buyer may be coming from another region where sizes, features, and finishes are very different than homes on 30A.  For all those reasons, visiting open houses can help you see what's available in all price ranges (for the area) and what buyers get for those prices.

30A Open Houses - October 28-29, 2023

Do you see some homes in the list that make you say "wow... that's what I'm looking for"?  Simply Contact Shaun and we'll get you information about the open house schedule, and if you've got a conflict in your schedule for the open house timing Shaun will arrange for you to see the home at a scheduled time that works for you and the seller.

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What to expect at an open house?  Open houses are usually scheduled for a 2-3 hour time-frame of a day that is common to that area, so if you're coming to 30A from another region you may find 30A open house times different than what you're used to.  Open houses are usually on weekends, but occasionally on weekdays.  In addition to the popular schedule, you may also find select homes being held open for much of the day, so the timing of each home you wish to see may be a factor on how you plan your route.  At each open house, there will be a host.  It may be the listing agent, or more commonly it may be another agent who is hosting the open house for the listing agent, but they most likely do not represent the seller.  This agent may hope to recruit you as a client, so they'll request that you register so they can follow-up with you.  If you're already working with an agent - preferably Shaun - then you would indicate that to the host if you are visiting without Shaun.

Recommendations for attending 30A open houses: 

  • Be respectful... of everything.  These are someone's home and property that deserves care.  While you may be considering purchasing it, you at this time are a guest.
  • New construction deserves the same care.  While it may not be owned by a homeowner, it is the builder's property and still deserves care while visiting.
  • Remove shoes or wear covers if requested.
  • Restrooms - if you should need restroom facilities while attending an open house, please consult the host before taking any liberties.  There may be a designated restroom use plan for the home during the open house.
  • Refrain from bringing in food & drinks.  If the host is serving any refreshments, please be respectful on where those are consumed as to not induce any accidental spills on carpets, furniture, etc.
  • Keep all people in your group orderly and preferable in close proximity.  This includes children.  Remember that children do not see an open house like you do.  They may see it as a new playground.
  • Furniture - unless invited or offered by the host, there's a limit on how much to "make yourself at home".  Beds should not be sat or jumped on, and even living room furniture should only be observed and not used unless offered otherwise.
  • Cabinets - yes, you can open a door or drawer to see if they're soft-close or to see shelving, but opening all cabinetry out of curiosity is not recommended.
  • Pantries - please refrain from self-serving  from a homeowner's pantry even if there are baskets of snack bars, chips, or candies out in the open.  If refreshments are available, the host will have them out.
  • Pools - if the home you're visiting has a pool, please be watchful of everyone in your party including children.  Nothing gets the adrenaline going like someone falling in during an open house.
  • Exercise patience.  If an open house is busy, the host may be trying to juggle multiple groups - not knowing how long each conversation will last.  Some visitors may prefer to self-tour, but if you need to talk with the host during a busy open house, please be patient.
  • If you have driven to the open house, please be courteous of all other vehicles on site.

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