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Whether the home or property you're considering selling is your primary, a secondary, or investment property, it's a big deal.  A really big deal.  If it's your residence, you're selling and transitioning to a new home.  Maybe even a new city.  You're wondering about how much equity you'll capture from the sale.  You have a lot going on, and that can be stressful.  If you're an investor who's selling, you're wanting to maximize your return after what hopefully has been a good ride.  In both those cases, it's still a big deal and possibly even stressful which brings us to the #1 reason you should list with Shaun.  Shaun knows people. Yes, in the literal sense too, but Shaun knows how people operate.  He understands how they think, how they behave, and what to expect from them.  Now, out of all the other aspects of listing a home on the market with the intent on getting a transaction successfully closed efficiently, hardly anything else is superior than being able to manage people and keep everything in control while getting the deal done.  That's Shaun.  This is Shaun.

In addition to reading situations and efficiently developing strategies and courses of action to achieve each client's goal, here are some premium characteristics that make Shaun the listing agent for you:

Beyond Book Knowledge


Listing Agent Experience
For over a decade, Shaun has worked in the real estate industry serving clients selling a wide variety of properties.  This includes not only homeowners and investors, but also builders selling newly completed spec homes as well as pre-sales for homes yet to be built.  Over the course of those years and transactions, Shaun has had the pleasure of interacting with people from all over the world while continuously learning how people perceive, participate, respond, and behave during a transaction.  This has become an absolutely invaluable asset in prepping homes, producing marketing materials, interpreting offers, drafting counter-offers, negotiating inspections, and solidifying the final contract. 

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Protocols & Procedures


Home Selling Procedures
Selling a property is a legal process and commitment.  It's not winging it.  One wrong move, and it could spell disaster and possibly legal or financial consequences.  For those reasons, it's absolutely vital that you have someone familiar with the required legal procedures and can accomplish those - AND abide by the associated timelines.  There are what seems like an endless number of protocols involved with preparing a home, entering into a listing agreement, listing the home on the market, negotiating with parties (sometimes multiple parties when several offers are in play), and establishing a binding agreement for a buyer to purchase your property.  Shaun's dedication to properly documenting the entire process is a rock-solid asset for home sellers.

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It's a Natural Drive


Home Selling Success
There are some things that are just hard-wired in someone's DNA.  The desire to not only succeed, but to to do so with pride in workmanship and service level has been within Shaun from the beginning.  His vast experience outside the real estate world by founding several successful companies are evidence that he knows the formula for success.  Listing a home on the market includes product knowledge, marketing ability, recognizing the right opportunity, and closing the sale.  All of these are skills that Shaun has honed over the years, and when combined with his naturally occurring drive to "get it done" provide a winning formula for each and every client of his.  Shaun wants you to succeed, and has the formula to make it happen.

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 Home Valuation Estimate

Because we know homeowners are curious, Shaun's happy to provide a preliminary value estimation tool.  As everything in our world becomes more data-driven, more information about real estate markets has also become available which allows the ability to model or estimate pricing for real estate.  It should be noted that nothing replaces a personal review of real estate and how it relates to the market activity the property is positioned within.  Not all properties and homes are the same even if they're next door, so careful analysis of each one in relation to current statistics results in the most accurate pricing of a property.  While this tool may provide an estimate, Shaun enjoys learning about each and every home so the unique factors can be best used to arrive at the best listing price for a home.  Reach out to Shaun to schedule your in-home review.  Contact Shaun

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