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Bookmarked Listings

What are bookmarked listings?

Bookmarked listings are like "favorites".  They are listings that you want to save for possible revisiting later in your property research timeline.

How to bookmark a listing

Bookmarking is easy.  To Bookmark a property listing, simply click the star icon near each listing result or the Bookmark Listing button found on each listing's details page.  This will add a property listing to your collection.

Saved Real Estate Searches

What is a saved search?  A saved search is a set of search criteria that you can save as a collection, so that you can easily use that search criteria again in the future without having to start from scratch having to re-enter all the info. 

How to save a search?

After you've created a search and are viewing the results, simply click the "Save this Search!" link found at the top of any listings results page and you're all set.

What are listing updates?

Do you want frequent updates on property listing changes such as new listings?  You can now have those come directly to you so you can stay up to date which is key in hotter markets.  New listings matching your saved search criteria will be sent directly to you. This will keep you informed on the latest properties available.