Which months do homes sell the most?

It's one of the questions that most Realtors are asked most often.  Now, there's a lot that goes into that answer, but the short answer is that home sell year-round.  There's often a bump in the spring that rides part of the summer depending on vacation season, a little slowing when people get busy with school, somewhat steady through the fall, and the winter kind of depend on how the holidays go and how many people want to alter their schedules to buy & sell homes.30A annual home sales graph

Now, I LOVE data, so let's take a look at what kind of activity the last 4 years or so gave us.  We have to keep in mind that these last couple years are probably the most atypical years that most of us humans have seen in so many ways.  Society, politics, and the pandemic have had so many impacts on the global operations of things that it's almost hard to remember how relatively smoothing things operated before.  The real estate industry was no exception, and unless someone was hiding under a rock they know that availability / inventory was short, demand was high, and pricing soared.  Another shift that took place during the pandemic is that many people opted to exit urban cores and seek either suburbs or outlying places.  They also explored interests which lead to working remotely due to the huge leap in remote technology.  All of that in addition to the beautiful beaches catapulted the popularity of 30A living and lifestyle.

In the graph, you can see that in May of 2020, home sales in the 30A area took off like a rocket.  Perhaps people explored in the latter part of 2019 during the lock-downs and sought a new way of living.  Vacations outdoors were also sought after because of so many limitations being put on indoor facilities.  Beach life answered so many problems during that time, and that helped make 30A an "it" area.  Word spread and as you can see unprecedented sales levels were seen throughout 2021.

So, let's take a look at 2022.  Home sales in 2022 remain strong, and well above pre-pandemic levels, so it's safe to say that 30A has developed a strong base and following.  What the spring and summer of 2022 brought with it though is continued runaway inflation.  High prices... of everything, and the way the government tries to combat that is with interest rates which of course affect lending for home buyers.  The increase in costs for buyers not only with the home price, but also with the increased interest nearly always causes some buyers to hit the pause - if not the stop - button.  There is another type of buyer though who decides to go ahead and buy before rates may climb higher.  Somewhere in the middle of those types lies the new buyer base.  As of this writing at the end of July 2022, rates are in the mid 5's.  While people whose families purchased about 1980 still see that as a bargain compared to the 18% they were paying, the reality is that it's a very substantial increase for buyers who were making purchasing plans at earlier rates of about 2.9%

All of that is to help explain some of the craziest data most people have seen in real estate sales across several years, so a pandemic and all that surrounds that had an unbelievable impact.  If we view the chart with some filtering glasses though, and look for patterns, you'll see that early spring is when most homes sell on 30A.  Why?  Well, buyers have cabin fever from the winter and they're ready to make the beach plans.  Even though a buyer will own a home usually for a number of years, there's still that "get it now and we can use it this summer" incentive to purchasing, so that's what they do.  As you can see though, much of the remainder of the year remains somewhat constant without huge swings, so suffice it to say "there's no bad time to sell on 30A", and some of that is because visitors year-round including buyers.  Other markets may not be fortunate enough to have that sort of pattern, so you will see some different graph curves per market.

If we can help you with a home on 30A, or if you need some additional data we can definitely supply that to you.  Please reach out, and we'll be happy to help.


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