That's right... we purchased a home on vacation!

Now, that may initially seem like a crazy statement when it's first read, but in reality it's not as uncommon as you would think.  Let's take a look at why, and we'll preface this with the fact that not everyone takes vacations, so for the basis of discussion we're describing those whose lifestyle include vacationing.  When most people are planning a vacation that truly is intended to "get away" and not combined with a purpose... like helping someone move, or repair their home when you get there, or {insert any other task}, those vacationers are seeking somewhere enjoyable, fun, relaxing.  They're seeking an experience that life at home doesn't include, or else they wouldn't be going away, right?  In some cases, they're seeking something "better" than home in some regard.

If we use that as a premise, vacationers somewhat already think their destination is "better" than home at least in some aspects.  Well, guess what happens when they arrive at their destination and start having loads of fun - however they define that.  What happens is that they fall in love with their destination even MORE because they're experiencing it.  That applies to snow-skiing trips, Disney World, Italy, beaches.  The list goes on and on.  People fall in love with where they vacation, and it somewhat makes sense.

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When you think about it, most people really don't experience most of the world.  They may go to a handful of places over their years, but relative to the number of places actually IN the world, even the most committed travelers really don't see a high percentage of the world.  For that reason, most people don't actually see how many other awesome places there are to live... until they visit them on vacation.  When people are on vacation, they actually get to see other areas.  Granted, they've left their stress sources behind, but they do get to experience new places... and places they thought may have been better than their hometown in some regard (which is why they chose to vacation there). 

It's truly amazing how one week in a new place whether it be 30A, Mayberry USA, or at a remote lake fishing and boating can refresh someone, and that has a tremendous impact on them.   It can be so powerful that it's thought-provoking enough for them to consider life-changes, and many do.  Maybe not immediately, but the refreshing change from "every day" can spawn a lot of consideration about their life journey.  For those who are impacted heavily, that can even lead to light-level home shopping while their on vacation, and if the right one strikes a chord with them... they leave vacation as home buyers in their vacation city.  

Now, while that's not usually how it all happens, it does happen... often.  The more common path is that vacationers become so impressed with an area that they begin the research stage and consider all the aspects of their lives that would change.  Everyone's different though, and so are their reasons for purchasing.  Buying a home on 30A can include it being someone's new primary residence where they'll live the most.  It can also be a secondary home where only partial time will be spent, and then there's the investor who may spend a few weeks at the home on the off-season but is really looking to maximize their revenue in a place where they themselves have been thoroughly impressed.

Soooo... if you think it may sound crazy to buy a home on vacation, try vacationing on 30A.  


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