It's raining.  How about seeing some homes?

While most people probably envision a bright sunny blue-sky day with temps in the 70's as the normal home-showing day, that's not the case all the time even in the prettiest locations.  The fact is that buyers have to go see homes when those homes and those buyers are available simultaneously and weather may not be cooperating that day.  Is having it rain a bad thing though? 

Rainy Day Home Showings

Well, it can be inconvenient in terms of hopping in and out of cars dashing in and out of homes, but the good news is that buyers get to see how a property drains on rainy days.  One of the top things that home inspectors watch for is how water drains from a property.   Specifically... away from a home.   Without proper drainage, water can sit under slabs, enter into crawlspaces, and leak into basements.  Visiting homes on rainy days allows buyers to see that water is properly draining away from the home.  Additionally, if there are any neighboring drainage valleys, creeks, or other water bodies, it allows buyers to see how those react to increased water levels as well.   So, visiting homes for sale on rainy days can be very beneficial in identifying homes to consider.  With rain often making for sloppy outdoor conditions, proper care should always be taken to ensure the seller's home is not damaged by tracking in any water or mud during a visit.

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