Aggregate or Concrete?

When it comes time for hardscaping your property including driveways and sidewalks, have you considered your options?  While many regions may include sand, gravel, dirt, and even grass for driveways and walking paths / sidewalks, this post is geared toward the popular options of exposed aggregate and concrete.  Just to clarify, exposed aggregate actually is concrete... only it's had the top layer of mortar removed thereby exposing the aggregate that is a component of concrete.  Some owners are attracted to exposed aggregate because of the options in color - grey and light brown (tan) being the most popular, but a wide range of colors are available.  Exposed aggregate can also provide more traction due to the small edges present in the texture.  Keep in mind though that those small edges that create "bite" for your car tires also create "bite" for skin as well, so if there's a lot of play going on where falling or tumbling may be occurring, that's something to consider.  Concrete is another popular option and the brushed or broomed texture on top is the most popular and provides a good balance of smoothness and traction.  In most cases, white/grey is the color most often used, but concrete can also be colored to a wide range, so you can customize it to your liking.  Both include a long life with low maintenance.  Sealing aggregate is recommended to keep the surface in optimum condition, as well as to maintain a deep rich color.

Exposed aggregate or concrete driveways

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