Beverly Carter's life contributes to REALTOR safety

This September marks 9 years since the passing of REALTOR Beverly Carter by way of a needless senseless act of a pretend home buyer in Arkansas.  The day began like all others and Beverly was simply trying to serve a "home buyer" by showing a home of potential interest.  The result of the encounter was the death of Beverly Carter.  She was discovered a few days later in a grave.  Nobody knows when danger lurks just around the corner, nor can it always be recognized when encountered.  This was actually a couple who conspired to kidnap Beverly, hold her for ransom to fund the couple's breaking up (moving), but their plans did not work out and resulted in the killing of Beverly out of fear she could identify them. 

Since that time, Beverly has brought much awareness to the safety measures required in the real estate industry.  When you consider how the industry operates, REALTORS are regularly meeting unfamiliar people who have requests to meet or be taken to unfamiliar places.  Many agents and brokerages have protocols in place to help mitigate danger.  Those include prequalifying (in terms of identifying) new potential clients, having the office and others always know where the agent is showing properties, having codes that can be communicated to indicate danger, and a multitude of defense mechanisms.  All of those cannot be a 100% guarantee that danger will not occur though.  

How can the public and home buyers help?   Here's one easy way.  If you are reaching out to a real estate agent with a request to meet or see a property, and they ask for any prequalifying information or the sharing of identification, simply help them out and provide it.  Try role reversing... if an unfamiliar person called you up out of the blue and asked you to take them to a vacant home or maybe a remote piece of land where nobody else was... would you go?  Probably not.  REALTORS and real estate agents are there to help you.  They want to trust you which makes serving you more efficient, so help them do that.  Everybody wins.

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