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For those not familiar with the topic relating to the beaches of 30A Florida, there has been a long dispute about the use of the beaches.  Why?  Some Gulf front properties are deeded such that the owner of the property actually owns the beach.   Now, in most all areas you've probably ever visited, the use of the beach falls under what's called "customary use" which is broadly defined as the public gets to use the beaches.  Some property owners launched a lawsuit to discontinue that, and there has now been a decision which does affect the privately owned beach parcels on 30A, and yes, it does affect the beach use by some visitors. 

30A Gulf Front Deeded Properties

Do visitors get to use the 30A beaches?

In short, uninvited users of a private beach may be asked to leave by the property owner (including authorized renters and representatives), or an enforcement officer (including those from the Sheriff's office) once request to leave has been performed and refusal to leave is the result.  There is now what's defined as a "transitory zone" which allows use (with restrictions) of an area 20' behind the wet/dry sand line.  There is some fine print on that though which in the policy appears to be self-contradictory, but implies that the property owner may still be able to trump outside users if they choose to use the transitory zone on their parcel (see latter portion of policies).  

Which beaches do visitors get to use on 30A?

Yes, there are still plenty of beach areas for visitors to use, but all beach areas are no longer available.  This has gradually been changing as some owners staked claims prior to the settlement.  Some properties that are not Gulf front have agreements in place for use of private beaches that belong to another entity, so check with the owner of the property you intend to use for your visit.  There are also public beaches along 30A as well as some incredible parks such as Topsail Hill that provide beach access.

30A Private Beach Trespassing Policy & Enforcement

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