Private Beach Settlement 30A Florida   

For those not familiar with the topic relating to the beaches of 30A Florida, there has been a long dispute about the use of the beaches.  Why?  Some Gulf front properties are deeded such that the owner of the property actually owns the beach.   Now, in most all areas you've probably ever visited, the use of the beach falls under what's called "customary use" which is broadly defined as the public gets to use the beaches.  Some property owners launched a lawsuit to discontinue that, and there has now been a decision which does affect the privately owned beach parcels on 30A, and yes, it does affect the beach use by some visitors. 

30A Gulf Front Deeded Properties

Do visitors get to use the 30A beaches?

In short, uninvited users of a…

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Beverly Carter's life contributes to REALTOR safety

This September marks 9 years since the passing of REALTOR Beverly Carter by way of a needless senseless act of a pretend home buyer in Arkansas.  The day began like all others and Beverly was simply trying to serve a "home buyer" by showing a home of potential interest.  The result of the encounter was the death of Beverly Carter.  She was discovered a few days later in a grave.  Nobody knows when danger lurks just around the corner, nor can it always be recognized when encountered.  This was actually a couple who conspired to kidnap Beverly, hold her for ransom to fund the couple's breaking up (moving), but their plans did not work out and resulted in the killing of Beverly out of fear she could…

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August 2022 real estate market report for 30A Florida?

The market is continuing to balance a bit compared to the last couple years, but even with days on market bumping up a bit listing and selling prices remain strong with large gains which is awesome news for sellers.  Right now, the market is still in the balanced area which is still a healthy place to be for both buyers and sellers.  

August 2022 (compared to same time 2021)

  • Average sales price:  $1,965,480 (+50.2%)
  • Average list price:  $2,391,002(+29.1%)
  • Properties sold:  175 (-29.1%)
  • Active listings:  842 (+26.43%)
  • Median days on market:  14 (+55.5%)
  • Average days on market:  15 (+50%)
  • Absorption rate:  3.2 months (+26.4%)  length of time to sell all inventory if no new…

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It's a popular question for sure!  When people are considering purchasing a home on scenic 30A in Florida, they're often looking through home listings that refer to 30A West and 30A East, but that doesn't really help newcomers.  The same goes for people planning their vacations on 30A, so let's easily clear up the magic question of "Where does 30A West start and 30A East begin?"  That answer to that is at the intersection of State Road 283 S and 30A.  That is dividing mark between east and west for 30A.  So, now you know.

30A West ends 30A East begins

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It's raining.  How about seeing some homes?

While most people probably envision a bright sunny blue-sky day with temps in the 70's as the normal home-showing day, that's not the case all the time even in the prettiest locations.  The fact is that buyers have to go see homes when those homes and those buyers are available simultaneously and weather may not be cooperating that day.  Is having it rain a bad thing though? 

Rainy Day Home Showings

Well, it can be inconvenient in terms of hopping in and out of cars dashing in and out of homes, but the good news is that buyers get to see how a property drains on rainy days.  One of the top things that home inspectors watch for is how water drains from a property.   Specifically... away from a home.   Without proper…

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How do we determine the value and list price of my home?

What is my home worth?

It's often thought that a home (or anything else for that matter) is worth what someONE will pay for it. Well, there is some truth to that... if you're willing to wait for that ONE buyer and that buyer is paying 100% cash. In real estate, "worth" or "value" is determined on a broader scale and much of the reason for that is homes are often financed - meaning they're being purchased with someone else's money and that person or entity wants to be reassured that they not unknowingly lending more than the collateral (the home) is worth in case is needs to be liquidated to recover the borrowed funds. The best way to determine the market value of real estate is through historical data that shows…

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FAQ by home sellers

When should I sell my home?

There is a lot that goes into the timing of home selling. Some of the timing depends on personal life that may include school & work schedules, starting of new jobs, as well as other events in the seller’s life that may affect the ability to dedicate to the task. There are also the market aspects to timing. One consideration is the location of the property because markets do differ on buyer activity pattern. If for example, a property is in a destination location, then the influx of seasonal buyers may help determine the best time to list. In contrast, a more traditional market may have a steady buyer pattern throughout the year that allows for more flexibility. The determination on how much a pattern will affect when to…

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July 2022 real estate market report for 30A Florida?

The great news is that homes are still continuing to sell with 154 homes closed from Miramar to Rosemary!  Change is still in the air though, so July's numbers have the 30A area in the balanced market area based on inventory on hand and absorption rate.  Now, for those who have seen nothing other than a white-hot seller's market, they'll be quick to skip over the "balanced market" status and jump right to "buyer's market" status, but there is a distinct difference.   Right now, the market is still in the balanced area which is still a healthy place to be for both buyers and sellers.  Even with the market's shift, the average sales price still took a healthy increase of 10%, as well as the average…

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That's right... we purchased a home on vacation!

Now, that may initially seem like a crazy statement when it's first read, but in reality it's not as uncommon as you would think.  Let's take a look at why, and we'll preface this with the fact that not everyone takes vacations, so for the basis of discussion we're describing those whose lifestyle include vacationing.  When most people are planning a vacation that truly is intended to "get away" and not combined with a purpose... like helping someone move, or repair their home when you get there, or {insert any other task}, those vacationers are seeking somewhere enjoyable, fun, relaxing.  They're seeking an experience that life at home doesn't include, or else they wouldn't be going away, right?  In…

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Back-flow preventers in irrigation - what are they?

One of the major responsibilities of a water supplier is to ensure the safety of those relying on their supply.  This includes keeping the water safe for human consumption, and that includes keeping it contaminant-free.  When a water supplier like a municipality or private supplier sends water outward, it's under very high pressure so that it can reach all the required destinations AND while many users may be opening flows simultaneously.  Each home or office that a water supply line services will have what's called a pressure-reducing valve that drops the pressure to a safe level for the plumbing and fixtures of that building.  Because there's always positive pressure on the water, there's little…

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