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Shaun Larson

Shaun Larson

When it has been said that "it's not personal, it's business", they clearly were not referring to real estate and being a REALTOR. The journey of buying, selling, or building a home is very personal, and that's exactly the approach Shaun uses with every client.  Having decades of business and negotiation experience, Shaun efficiently turns the complex home buying and selling process into a logical and easy-to-understand system that provides clients a high-quality experience and rewarding outcome.  No matter if Shaun's working with a first-time home buyer or a client who has been through the process 20 times, ensuring the client understands the process is one of Shaun's top priorities as a REALTOR because the process does evolve over time and vary per region.

"It's requires understanding how people think & work."

In addition to the logistics, the buying & selling process is very much about the understanding of people and Shaun's many years of experience equips him for developing and anticipating strategies while managing everything and Shaun with dogeveryone efficiently along the way. In addition to being a Realtor, Shaun is also a General Contractor which is a tremendous asset to clients who want to build as well as those buying or selling an existing home and want to understand more about the home.  His in-depth knowledge on home components, construction processes, home design, and build planning allows him to provide confidence to clients who enjoy learning more about homes they are considering buying or building. Sellers of existing homes benefit from his knowledge by learning more about how their home should properly be prepared for market. If you are purchasing (locally or from out of state),  considering listing your home, or have dreamed of building a home and simply need a preliminary conversation about it, we recommend reaching out to Shaun. His approachable and candid demeanor keeps everyone at ease and conversations flow like you're sitting on the porch with friends.

"It's Shaun's talent you're investing in."

Florida Home Ninja

When experience matters...

Professional life

  • Broker Associate at Live30A Real Estate
  • Licensed broker in Florida & Tennessee
  • Over 10 years of real estate experience
  • Skilled negotiator & people-manager
  • General Contractor / Builder
  • New Construction Specialist
  • Member of Emerald Coast Association of Realtors
  • Member of National Association of Realtors
  • Founder of companies in the e-commerce and imaging industries
  • Experienced President & Vice President of community HOA
  • Degreed in Computer Science & Business
Gotta have some fun too...

Personal life

  • Enjoying my family's life journey
  • Water activities on all types of bodies of water
  • Snow skiing
  • Hockey (when I'm close to rinks) - playing & coaching skaters (I'm a Level 4 coach with USA Hockey)
  • I LOVE the holidays
  • Helping others thrive through their recognizing their own potential
  • Always growing myself through learning
  • Sharing what I know
  • ... and I make a most wickedly good chocolate chip cookie, and I'm happy to treat you if you need confirmation.


Shaun Making Cookies

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