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Everyone LOVES a well designed and decorated home, but sometimes it takes a little motivation to get the ball rolling.  Well, one call, email, or text to Rebekah, and you'll be on your way to an efficient planning process to getting your goal accomplished. 

Should I be a client?

Who uses design services?

The short answer is that everyone can use design services, but here's a short description of the popular scenarios:

  • New construction - people building new homes and need someone to help not only with decor, but the actual planning of all the finishes going into the actual build.
  • Renovations - some homeowners plan on staying in their home, but they want some refreshment of their home.
  • Home buyers - these clients have just scored their dream home on 30A and now want to make it spectacular for their family.
  • Home sellers - these are homeowners planning on selling their home, but also wanting to maximize their sales price by refreshing their home to some degree.
  • Investors - this includes a wide variety of services such as investors purchasing homes and needing to remodel them for short-term rentals, or even for long-term leasing.
Making things go smoothly

Services Provided

Every home project is unique to what it needs to accomplish the goal, so these are just a sampling of the major service categories.  Each project may use a variation or blend of these.

  • Consultations - these can be for any of the project categories.  These include discussing the project, the goals, protocols to accomplish what's needed, and to what extent the client needs involvement.
  • On-Site Guidance - this includes visiting the job site during the initial phase and throughout the project no matter if it's new construction or a renovation.  This provides a checks & balance of sorts to ensure the project is on track. 
  • Vendor & Supplier Visits - these visits are usually for the purpose of making selections of components and finishes being used in the project.  Examples may be appliance stores, brick yards, roofing suppliers, plumbing fixture suppliers, lighting stores, and more.
  • Design Boards - these are digitally produced concept boards that help clients make decisions.  They may include room renderings, furniture placement, color options, and more.

Learn More About DecraHome

If you are in need of a home designer & decorator for your home on one of the 30A beaches or surrounding areas, reach out to Rebekah Larson of DecraHome for an easy consultation about a plan to get the most out of your home.

Rebekah Larson