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Welcome to the 30A real estate market where home buyers dream of their next beach home and sellers look forward to helping that dream happen through a successful sale. In both parts of the process, planning, preparation, and strategy make for the most successful result. Some of that isn't instant, so taking the time to plan ahead for your real estate transaction is a wise move.

Where to start? Ask Shaun. That's where because it's not a one-size fits-all answer. By learning more about your ideas, wants, and needs, Shaun will share details about the market and process that will help you achieve your goals of buying and/or selling.

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Shaun Larson, Broker

Shaun Larson Over a decade of real estate experience combined with a unique ability to manage the transaction process while anticipating and evolving with the human variables, Shaun repeatedly records successes for his clients. Qualifications of being a Broker, Realtor, & General Contractor allows Shaun to bring an elevated level of knowledge to each transaction that provides each and every client the highest quality of service.

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Buying a home for sale on 30A

When purchasing a home on a 30A beach, there are few things as disheartening as finding THE home you want and discovering you're not ready to compete for it. This is especially true in a super strong housing market where 30A home buyers are likely to be competing for a home, and not simply following a traditional offer & purchase protocol.  Let's be sure you're ready and ABLE to move forward on a Florida home when the opportunity arises. See more...

30A Home Buyer Preparation

What's my home worth?
Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | August 13, 2022

How to price my home? What's my home worth?

How do we determine the value and list price of my home?
It's often thought that a home (or anything else for that matter) is worth what someONE will pay for it. Well, there is some truth to that... if you're willing to wait for that ONE buyer and that buyer is paying 100% cash. In real estate, "worth" or…

Frequently Asked Questions by Home Sellers
Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | August 7, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions by Sellers

30A Real Estate Market Report - July 2022
Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | August 5, 2022

30A Real Estate Market Report - July 2022

Went on vacation, and bought a beach home!
Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | August 5, 2022

Went on vacation, and bought a beach home!

What are back flow preventers?
Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | August 3, 2022

Irrigation Back Flow Preventers

30A Home Sales Annual Chart
Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | July 31, 2022

When do homes sell on 30A?

Shaun Larson
By Shaun Larson | July 19, 2022

Home closings & possession timing